05 aprile 2016

【Tutorial】 Copic Italia Official Blog コピックイタリアオフィシャルブログ更新

A new post on Copic Italia Official Blog !

こちらよりどうぞ。第3弾は、お洋服、特に刺繍とかパターンを着色。 エコラインなんかも使っちゃいました。
Vol. 3 : Coloring clothes with various textures.  Using Color ink Ecoline also.

This color plan becomes ...


I KNOW VERY WELL that this coloring work on same drawind of A4 paper (for 3 months !) is too much looooong T_T  It's going to become a real pain, not only for me but also (and especially) for kind girls & boys visitors ...

 Next post will be the last !! And I'd like to report my art work with Copic on Napoli Comicon 

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